Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we'll discuss: the satisfaction of witnessing positive guest experiences; how to manage multiple projects at once; the importance of getting people to buy into you and your vision; how to create trends instead of chasing trends; why its important to protect yourself with contracts; getting the initial capital to get started; and how body language can market your restaurant.

Charles, a Scotland native, got his start in the restaurant industry as a fry cook at Long John Silver. Throughout college and while studying for his bar exam, Charles worked in all parts of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Today, Charles owns and operates 4 Stout Burger and Beer locations, Bobby London, Gasser Lounge, Boomtown Brewery, Morrison and currently developing Trevous Tacos, Fred's Chicken and Biscuit, and Third Wave Coffee with Medda World Peace. Additionally, Charles consults on numerous restaurant and lounge projects throughout California and is recognized as one of the city’s leading experts on restaurant operations as well as licensing, permitting, and zoning of hospitality venues.

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