Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we discuss: why Delores got into this industry so she could care for her community and create opportunity for her team; how a compelling vision, love for others, drive, work ethic, knowing whats right and understanding leadership can help you be successful; how to protect yourself from being spread to thin; Why it is important to keep you operating cost low early on; and much more. 

Five years ago Delores Tronco quit her safe job as an associate at a well respected public relations firm to chase her passion for the restaurant business. After quitting, she immediately immersed herself into the business taking on a management gigs so she could learn all she needed to one day open her own place.

Its safe to say she learned plenty. Today she is official "buck stopper" and partner at Work and Class. Delores oversees the restaurants operations and financial positions. On Saturday Nights, you can find her waiting tables, because that’s what she loves most!

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