Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore
In this episode we discuss: the power of making your mission to spread joy; how life is about people, teamwork and collaboration; servant leadership; begin willing to fail and take chances in life; being the best version of yourself everyday; raising capital by creating a following; bootstrapping a restaurant; being creative and adaptable when faced with challenges; creating trust, protocols, and tools for obtaining work-life balance; and instead of doing many things mediocrely, do a few things really well. 
From her time growing up just outside of Boston, MA, Robyn has been in love with ice-cream. After graduating from Williams College and spending time in corporate America as a strategy and management consultant, R0byn decided the corporate life just wasn't for her and attend Stanford Graduate School of Business focusing on Entrepreneurship.Upon graduation, Robyn’s sweet tooth sent her to a short course at Penn State University that focused on commercial ice cream production and distribution. in 2009 she put Smitten Ice-cream on the map with nothing but a wagon, her patented Brrr machine and persistence. In 2011, she opened her first shop and only a few years later she had expanded the Smitten brand to five location across the Bay Area and one in Los Angeles.  
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