Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we discuss: How having a good brand more than great guest, but also great employees and media coverage; The biggest challenge restaurant have when establishing their brand; the four pillars to developing a restaurant brand; when to start the branding processes; how to create your brand if you're an existing restaurant; resources and tools you can leverage when developing your brand; and the mistakes to avoid when building your brand. 

Kaen Post is an entrepreneur, international branding authority, and author. She has been a monthly columnist for Fast Company, and has appeared in business and industry venues around the world including Fox News, Bloomberg TV, the New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. Her work has benefited both Fortune 500 companies and emerging businesses along with many industry associations and individual professionals. In 2013 along with fellow branding expert Jocelyn Ring she co founded, an online destination where restauranteurs can learn how to build strong and distinct brands.

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