Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Inspired Chef, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, 2X TEDx Speaker, founder of, and Author of the newly published, fresh of the presses book Making The Cut: What Separates the Best from the Rest, Chef Chris Hill is constantly striving to practice what he preaches, which in essence is leaving a positive impact on the world.

Today we're here to talk about Chef Hill's book, Making the Cut. This book provides guidance on how we should behave and lead our lives if we want to enjoy a successful career as a chef or any professional for that matter. In this book Hill profiles a handful of chefs and makes an example of their careers. Not only does Hill cover the path these chefs took get to where they are, but the attitudes, morals and beliefs they had while getting there. If you read this book and emulate the chefs profiled you too can "Make the Cut" and become UNSTOPPABLE! 

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