Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode, we discuss: treating your restaurant job like you own it, open-book management, not just showing up to work to fill a role but being proactive in helping the business grow and be more successful. Lead by example, be able to do what you ask others to do. Treat the business as if it was your own. Dreams are just dreams until you put them into action. Internal growth-spurt. Every day you come to work you should be learning something. Create a mission statement that is ingrained with your personal values and your communities values. Servant leadership. Mentor not manager. Better to make one thing that are incredible and beautiful than it is to make ten things that are mediocre.  Your biggest strength flows into and feeds your greatest weakness.

Dimitri is the founder and Owner Dimo's exists as a for-profit hospitality organization that champions unity, development, and justice for our guests, our team and our communities in order to lead the charge in creating a positive, long-lasting impact.

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