Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In 2004, Moses Sabina joined his brother, Alec, and they embarked on a gastronomic tour, eating their way across America‚Äôs finest diners, barbecue fests, soul food joints, and fish frys.  Their goal was to learn how a good neighborhood restaurant becomes a food institution. Today, Moses and his brother have spent the past decade practicing what they've learned  with their restaurant, Hot Suppa, located in Portland, ME.

In this episode we will discuss: Always trying to make things better for guests and employees. Running a "neighborhood restaurant." The desire to work for the independent restaurants. Independent v. Corporate company mentality. People-dependant businesses v. Systems-dependant businesses. Working with family. Owning real estate is important for building equity. Taking the time to establish your concept before you put its in motion. The importance of choosing the right market for your concept. Not having financial room for error can help you take your time in establishing a business. You need to be at your restaurant, especially in the beginning. Finding your life-balence. Making people happy through hospitality everyday.

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