Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

A native of Detroit Michigan, Chef Kate Williams studied Food Science at Michigan State University and would later transfer to the French Culinary Institute in NYC. Kate has served under Wolfgang Puck as Sous Chef, and served Detroit's Republic Tavern as Executive Chef. She's received the title of "Top Chef" Detroit and Eater Detroit "Chef of the Year - Semi-finalist." This summer Kate is opening Lady of the House which has already stirred up talk including Eater National's "Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings 2017" and Tasting Table's "Most Anticipated Opening 2017."

In this episode we will discuss: Creating a restaurant that emulates your guests dining room. Questioning why you got yourself into the restaurant industry. Making your restaurant more like a home dining room. Serving a community that you love. Finding the "right money" for investment in your restaurant. Creating a business plan for your restaurant concept. Molding your business to serve its surroundings. Making guests feel special.

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