Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Nandu is a third generation Hospitality Entrepreneur with 18 years in the hospitality industry. He is based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA and helps restaurateurs and other F&B business owners make more money, get their time back, and grow their businesses beyond what they could have thought was possible.

In this episode we will discuss: reach out and find the right education. Improving revenues by working less. Taking over managing a restaurant unexpectedly. Daily meetings with your staff are essential. Take a minute to say hello and ask how each member of your staff is doing every day. Cultural challenges. Learning another language on the job! Show your employees that you appreciate them. Bringing Italian food to India. Imprint your drive and passion on your employees. Bad business and how to avoid it. Making pizzas for a movie theater! High volume in a small space. Branding and messaging is so important! Knowing when to go for professional help and when not to. Growing your company. Learning to be strategic. Have a plan! Systems, processes, and procedures. Step outside the box. Getting the people who like your restaurant to come back more often rather than only trying to attract new customers. Leading a balanced life of profits and happiness. Hard work is important BUT SO IS SMART WORK!

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