Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode with Chef Bill Fuller, we discuss:

  • how Chef Fuller got his start in the industry,
  • where the culture of being "hard" in the restaurant industry comes from,
  • correcting the behavior, not the person,
  • as sous, how to handle an executive chef that is less qualified than you, 
  • being mindful of your mood and how you influence those around you, 
  • the impact of promoting from within,
  • transitioning from working on the business to in the business,
  • hiring people who are better than you at things, 
  • the value of annually self-reviews,
  • and the result of limiting hours worked to 40-45 hrs for line staff and 5-55 hrs for management. 

Hitchhiking his way from his hometown of Dubois at 18 to venture the country, Bill settled in D.C. as a line cook while studying for his B.S. in Chemistry at GMU. He abandoned his scientific pursuits, trading his lab coat for a chef's jacket. Bill eventually made his way back to Pittsburgh and into the kitchens of Big Burrito Restaurants, and has served as the Corporate Chef since 1997. Today Chef Fuller has garnered the additional title of partner of the Big Burrito Restaurant Group and oversees a total of 19 locations. 


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