Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore


In this episode with Chris Doody, we discuss:

  • The significance of surrounding yourself the best.
  • Giving people a shot.
  • Having fun at work.
  • Success being contagious.
  • The power of recognizing your people by name.
  • Giving loyalty before receiving loyalty.
  • Having a partner that balances you well.
  • Tips for taking over a failing restaurant.
  • Letting cashflow determine you success.
  • The importance of staying in your lane.
  • What makes a successful fast-casual concept.
  • Being proactive with the pre-launch "leg work".
  • The best marketing being "internal".
  • Culture being what holds your business together during growth.
  • How your culture does not exist  until it is on paper.

Growing up in his mothers restaurant, and being mentored by one of the best family names in the industry, the Brennan's, Chris Doody spent most of his early years being groomed for greatness in hospitality. In 1992, with a degree in business, Doody, along side brother, Rick, started the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group, with remarkable success. 2008 Doody sold his share of the Bravo Brio restaurants and 2010 the first Piada Italian Street Food fast-casual concept was open. 8 years later they've grown the brand to 42 locations.


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