Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode with Zach Weprin, we discuss: 

  • How growth comes from living in that place of discomfort. 
  • How Fusian came to be. 
  • The process of opening a restaurant with ZERO experience. 
  • Leveraging technology in place of skilled positions to streamline processes. 
  • Acting like a national brand; even if you're not. 
  • How giving your guest fewer options serve both the operation and the guest. 
  • Using your sales mix to determine what menu items to focus on. 
  • Educating your team and guest on your menu. 
  • Growing too fast and how to recover. 
  • Being careful to not promote people before they're ready. 
  • Getting the right people on your team with the skills you're lacking.  
  • The power of just starting and being comfortable being uncomfortable. 

Childhood friends Zach Weprin, Josh Weprin and Stephan Harman love sushi. It was during their college careers that they saw a need for a simple, fresh, and affordable sushi dining option. with this as their inspiration, they set out to create that experience. Fusian opened in may of 2010 as a place where discerning diners can customize sushi rolls in a fun, interactive, and energetic environment. 8 years later they're operating 10 locations throughout Ohio State.

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