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Chefs Jason Boso & Quincy Hart met in culinary school, after jobs as stock brokers and telephone line repair men. After paying their dues working the line at The Four Seasons & Pappas Bros, Jason & Quincy finally opened Twisted Root Burger Co. in the Deep Ellum neighborhood of Dallas, Texas in 2006. While Twisted Root Burger Co. has seen incredible growth, (19 location in total) Jason & Quincy have stuck to their roots and their senses of humor, using a hands-on approach to high-quality, fresh food in an casual atmosphere with tons of personality. Twisted root was followed by Tacos and Avocados in 2012 and the Truck Yard in 2013, and the groups latest concept Greenville Theater. All these concepts operate under the Brain Storm Shelter Restaurant Group.

Show notes…

Favorite success quote or mantra:

"Avoid paralysis by analysis. Jump!"

In this episode with Jason Boso, we discuss: 

  • How the timing is never going to be just right to start. Just start.
  • If you like cooking at home, thats not enough of a reason to want to open a restaurant.  This industry is hard, it will chew you up and spit you out if you're not ready. 
  • Going to successful restaurateurs early in your career to seek mentorship and advice. When they give you their honest feedback, listen. Listen, even if it is not something you want to hear. 
  • How giving advice to the next generation will come back to serve you some way or some how. 
  • If you want to open a restaurant, get to know how all aspects of the business work. It is not enough to be a specialist in one area of the industry. You need to nail it all. 
  • When you have an idea for a restaurant you need to get it out into the universe! Find your evangelist and get them spreading the good word.  
  • Knowing your identity before opening a restaurant so you can extend your identity into it.
  • When you're getting funding to open your restaurant, factor in the cost to pay a lawyer so you can protect your intellectual property. 
  • How Guy Fieri's Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives helped triple twisted burgers revenue at a time when they just opened two additional locations. 
  • Scaling your people before scaling the amount of physical locations you own. 
  • Slowing down to speed up. 
  • Using psychological test to find which lanes your employees belong in. 
  • Making it clear to your guest when you've added value. You need to highlight your unique selling propositions. 
  • Scaling culture along side
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