Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Welcome to episode 1 of The Story of 7North, a co-production of Restaurant Unstoppable, Su Madre Podcasts, and 7North Coffee Company. This is a nonfiction, narrative-driven podcast. It is meant to be consumed in order.

The Story of 7North is the the story of Doug York, an Exeter, NH native who opened a coffee shop during a pandemic. Doug had never owned a business prior to the conception of 7North Coffee Company, and he had never worked as a barista. But 7North is open today and thriving. How did he pull it off? Listen to this heartfelt and inspiring podcast miniseries to find out.

You will be guided by a humorous and high-energy narrator. You will hear voice memos that Doug recorded throughout his journey, interviews with key players, and candid conversations with Doug himself, and those closest to him, about what it takes to open and run a business. 

To hear every episode of The Story of 7North RIGHT NOW you can find it on its own podcast page on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or anywhere you get your podcasts.

Find out more about 7North Coffee Company here.

Find out more about Restaurant Unstoppable here.

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