Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

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Key Takeaways

  1. Things are moving so fast that ideas you had a week ago could be moot now
  2. More and more we are encouraged to eat takeout
  3. The 9 ways to market your restaurant
    1. Take your menu and scale it down to what people want the most and what can travel well
    2. Up your sanitation and show your customers that you are actually doing it.
    3. Hospitality first – it starts with the leader
    4. Day-specific promotion
    5. Create “boxes” for whole meals – valued price
    6. Alcohol promotions – package wine with other items – discount it – check state regulations
    7. Prepare for upcoming holiday events – promote them!
    8. Community – help each other out – we are all in this together
    9. Don't be afraid to seek out help

Resources mentioned in this Chronicle:

  • Check out here
  • An article about UV light use in commercial kitchens here and here
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