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Chronicle # 5: Curbside Pick-Up Best Practices/Talk to Your State Officials- Anna Tauzin- Texas Restaurant Association- Austin, TX

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Key takeaways

  1. If your business isn't already set up for delivery that ship may have sailed. Instead, focus on curbside pickup
  2. Curbside picks up best practices: 
    • Be sure to have enough paper products
    • Plan for efficiency in your location
    • Make sure you're giving accurate pick-up times
    • Structure staffing for peak delivery times. 
    • Separate hot and cold food items when packages. 
    • Double Check orders
    • Get specifics on make and model of car. 
    • Use SMS platforms to communicate with your guests. 
  3. Third-party delivery promotions
  4. What to communicate to your start representatives
    • Funds
    • Tax deferrals
    • Emergency eviction protection
    • Rent mitigation 
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