Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

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Key takeaways

  1. Ouita Michel Restaurants operates 10 restaurants; 5 are currently closed - 150 employees are on leave
  2. The real issue is tipped employees
  3. They have set up a fund for tipped employees filled by donations from the community
  4. Taking this time to deep-clean the closed restaurants as if they are closing for a season; will be like new when reopened
  5. Donating food they cannot use to local food pantries
  6. Open restaurants are preparing free family meals for employees who cannot work
  7. Usually, these events cause us to want to be there for each other but in this case, that is the worst idea, what else can we do?
  8. One of the lessons: always have savings for situations like this
  9. Employees AND many restauranteurs are paycheck-to-paycheck, two bad weeks can bury us - why is that?
  10. What to do to generate cash flow for this specific situation
  11. Be flexible whether you're staff or an operator
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