Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

This is the first of many Coronavirus Chronicles. I've been wanting to dedicate an entire episode to this for a bit now, but everything is moving too fast. It's far better to create and publish content in real-time as everything unfolds. 

In my research and understanding of this pandemic, the single most important takeaway I've garnered is that we need to get aligned. Not just the industry, but globally. 

The quicker we can spread good knowledge. The quicker we can come out of this and get back to business as we knew it. 


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Key takeaways

  1. We got to pull together and be there for our communities- that's what we do in the restaurant industry.
  2. Transition to more takeout and delivery.
  3. Figure out how to take care of your people the best you can.
    • help them find new employment.
  4. Utilize social media to share your story about how you are adapting to the hard times and what your guests can do to help.
  5. The measure to which we've adapted already to overcome this challenge being so impressive and promising.
  6. Talk to the local representatives and make sure they know how important it is that we lobby for potential aid.

 Resources mentioned in this Chronicle:

  • Get in touch with your elected official here.
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