Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Today Oliver Camacho teaches us: why its important to keep things light and fun; the power of using body language on the floor; the significance of developing rapport and trust through servant leadership; how important it is to support and educate your staff; and why you should not bull-shit your guest. 

Oliver, a formally-trained opera singer and informally-trained podcast host, joined the Topolobampo team in 1999 as a server. In 2014 he took over Topolobampo’s dining room as manager. During his time at Topolobampo they’ve been nominated by the James Beard Foundation three times for Outstanding Service, and once for Outstanding Restaurant. The Michelin Guide has given them 1 star three years consecutively. Wine spectator has given them the Award of Excellence 21 times! Most recently, Oliver accepted an offer to become AGM and director of service of Armour and Swift, the much-talked-about upcoming project by Boka Group and B Hospitality.

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