Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we cover: the power of having a life and business partner who compliments you; why its important to keep your standards high and to take care of people even when times are hard and pennies of few; the significance of being different and offering a unique selling proposition; and why you need to have an undying will to succeed! 

Braden and Yasmin met and discovered their passion for hospitality at Cornell University’s School of Hotel and Administration. After graduating both honed their skills learning from and working with the acclaimed Hillstone Restaurant Group in California and Texas. In 2011 Braden and Yasmin Opened Malai Kitchen. Braden mans the back of house and Yasmin runs the front of house. Under their direction, Malai has garnered notoriety for its commitment to great hospitality and polished approach to all aspects operations.

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