Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we discuss: the importance of making life decisions that are right for you; why chasing money won't make you happy; why practical experience can be more powerful than formal education; the significance of being a veracious learner and having never ending curiosity; what to consider when selecting a business partner; the importance and impacts of sourcing locally; how to handle the challenges of drugs and alcohol in your restaurant; and why you need to trust your gut. 

Hailing from New Mexico, Hosea Rosenberg began his path to culinary fame while earning a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado.

Hosea’s passion to cook professionally drove him to work his way up the restaurant ranks, where he worked under the guidance of established chefs such as Wolfgang Puck, Kevin Taylor, and Dave Query, ultimately landing his first head chef position at Boulder’s Dandelion Restaurant.  After his tenure at Dandelion, it was the Big Red F Restaurant Group that became home, where he served as Executive Chef at Jax Fish House for six years.

Hosea has won numerous awards but most notably - winner of season five of Bravo TV’s Top Chef. Today Hosea is the Chef/Owner of BlackBelly Market in Boulder, CO.

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