Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we discuss: why you need to have a fire in your belly to not only serve your guest, but to also serve your community and those who work for you; the importance of selecting the right business partner, and what to do if you haven't selected the right business partner; the value of providing upward mobility and freedom of expression to your staff; a solution to the unbalanced income between front and back of house; the importance of understanding income; and why you need to have work-life-balance. 

Chef Erik Niel grew up in Louisiana fishing on the bayou – an upbringing that strongly influenced his cooking of Southern-inspired French classics. His restaurant Easy Bistro & Bar, is one of the most well-regarded restaurants in Chattanooga’s rapidly growing food scene. Erik and his wife Amanda are deeply committed to furthering Chattanooga’s food culture – they have spearheaded a restaurateur collective to promote independent, locally-owned restaurants. Erik has appeared on PBS’s Simply Ming and his food has been featured in The Local PALATE, food and wine, The Wall Street Journal, Thrillist, Men’s Journel and much more

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