Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Listen to this episode and discover why NOW is the best time to updated your POS to a cloud-based tablet or mobile system. We also discuss best practices in regard to Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance.


Yeah, I know. It is not exciting, but you need to know this stuff!

If you're not paying attention to the regulations, things will get very expensive, really fast. Now do I have your attention? That's what I thought.

Linda Hancock is involved in the Federal HIPAA compliance program working with local government and businesses. She became interested in the credit card processing arena while working with larger companies, and shifted career gears to start Dezba Credit Card Payment Solutions in 2003. Dezba's mission is to serve its clients by offering competitive and affordable prices, as well as provide up to the minute information on changing laws and products. Linda is one 100 original Certified Payment Professionals in the nation. Today she's here to educate us on what we MUST know to stay compliant in the upcoming year.


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