Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Restaurant Unstoppable's first every LIVE episode! In this episode, we discuss what to do after you've accomplished what you set out to do, needing a symbiotic relationship with landlords, how to sell the dream to your investors, focusing on doing a few things really well, why opening a restaurant is an equation, attracting the right talent, why sharing the profit upfront pays in the long run, starting small and scaling up, the benefits of operating a fast-casual vs a full-service restaurant, and how to maintain your essence as you grow.

We first had Chef Matthew Gaudet on the show over 2 years ago! That was episode 106. In that episode, we found out how Chef Gaudet came to be the chef and partner of one Boston's most well know restaurants, The West Bridge.

Much has changed since then! Today, Chef Gaudet is a Partner at the fast-casual Superfine Food, located at Manchester by Sea, The Chef at Freepoint Hotel, plus he has numerous other projects in the works.

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