Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Originating from Boston MA area, Debi Saltzberg holds a degree in hotel and restaurant management from UMass Amherst and has spent the last 15 years working in the San Diego restaurant industry. Today, she is the founder and host of Just Forking Around: The podcast show for Restaurateurs, Creative Chefs, Kick-Ass Servers, Wicked Cool Winemakers, Fresh Farmers and frankly, anyone who plays a pivotal part in this beautifully insane sexy world of Food and Beverage.

In this episode we discuss: Perspective and how it determines your outlook on what's positive. The importance of your team! The feeling of making your guests happy. The choice to move from bartender to manager. Wanting to be part of a team. Picking yourself up when you fall down. The important part of failing is the recovery. Viewing your restaurant in the "macro." The desire to be the best! The feeling of being worthy of rewards. Hard work and what it earns you. Being a mentor. The joy of inspiring your employees. LEADERSHIP! The importance of looking up. Your employees want to be great so it's YOUR JOB to foster that. Don't freak out; find the solution! Filling your mind with positivity through podcasts.

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