Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Chef Brooks Tanner Studied at Cornell University. Brooks is known for his underlining team building abilities and fiscal awareness. His passion is building concrete infrastructures to support high-quality services and educate those on how to waste less, be sustainable and eat well while financially building for their future. Today Chef Tanners serves as Executive Chef at Rockhill located in Cherry Hill, NJ.

In this episode we will discuss: You have to expect the unexpected in the kitchen. Going from the dishwasher to the manager/owner. The value of mentors. You need to just "jump in" to learn the most. You need to create the change you want to see. If you don't fail you're not growing. Create a strong support group around you and what you do. Tanner can't stress the importance of forming lasting social relationships with people in your industry. BIG emphasis on CULTURE. Foster the good in your staff and they will become amazing workings and great people. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

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