Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode, we discuss working with the best to become the best, profit sharing, how being small allows you to be unique, motivating and encouraging your people, being selective with who you allow on your team, having personal high-touch relationships with each of your guest, how your team is a reflection of who you are, and tieing good old fashioned manners and courtesy into your culture.

It was over a half century ago when founders Jack and Linda Williams got hitched and began their lifetime dedication to the food industry. Along the way, they helped develop the concept for a well-known steakhouse chain and built 34 restaurants in two decades, becoming their largest and most successful franchisee. In 1989 Jack and Linda Williams would open the first Richie's Diner established in Temecula, California. Today there are a total of 3 Richies Diners and it continues to be a family owned and operated concept.

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