Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode with Joe Deloss, we discuss: 

  • Creating Social change with your business.
  • The concept that your idea is bigger than any one person on the team.
  • How the idea for Hot Chicken Takeover came into frame.
  • The benefits of hiring people with a criminal record. 
  • Starting with the end experience you want to create and working back from there when developing your brand.
  • Starting where you can. Dinner parties with friends- Dinner parties with friends of friends- popups- brick and mortar. 
  • Creating brand awareness along the way.
  • Getting clarity on your brand. 
  • Owning your mistakes, and listening to the feedback on how you can improve. 
  • How creating a brand that focuses on doing good will result in getting more support from your community. Especially when getting started. 
  • When its time to grow- grow your team and team infrastructure, first. 
  • The benefits of hiring people with a criminal record, providing them with opportunity, and investing in their needs. 
  • Laying down clear paths for growth for your team members; d on't offer your people a job, offer them a career. 

Joe Deloss is a graduated from Capital University. After graduating he took the path of investment baker turned entrepreneur. In 2013 Deloss discovered Nashville Hot Chicken, and it was instant love. By 2014 his entrepreneurial spirit had take full grasp, and he, along with his wife, opened Hot Chicken Takeover. 4 years later they've expanded to 3 locations.


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