Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore


In this episode with David Scott Peters we discuss:

  • How your menu is like the heart of your business.
  • How menu engineerING all starts with menu costing cards.
  • What a yield test is.
  • Factoring in spice/consumable.
  • Using batch recipes.
  • Using software in place of continuing updating recipe cards.
  • What is meant by a weight average.
  • Why being great at a few things, is more impactful and profitable than trying to be all things to all people.
  • Making small incremental changes to your menu when raising prices.
  • Where your guests eyes go when they look at a menu.
  • The fonts you should be using on your menu.
  • Where to list the prices on your menu.
  • How to sell the largest margin items on your menu consistently.

Aside from being the founder of and serving as a Member coach, David Scott Peters is also a dynamic and engaging speaker. His specialized knowledge targets the independent restaurant owners, whether they own one location or a multi-unit chain.

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