Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode with Chef Elizabeth Wiley, we discuss:

  • Being mindful about how you make people feel. 
  • How hollering and being an shithead doesn't serve you or your team. 
  • How being more organized makes working more fun. 
  • Incorporating a debriefing.  
  • The importance of knowing yourself. 
  • Learning and leveraging a unique skill as point of entry into the industry. 
  • Being positive to attract onto yourself incredible people. 
  • "Three" being the magic number when it comes to partnerships. 
  • Getting front of house and back of house experience to improve your odds of success.  
  • Paying for a consultant when opening your first restaurant. 
  • Being detailed and realistic about your expenses with a cost analysis.
  • Establishing a personal connection with your guest.  
  • Being super frugal and letting your cash determine your growth.
  • Using partners to pump energy and new ideas into your business. 

Chef Elizabeth Wiley is a self-taught chef from Kansas City... on the Kansas side... who got her start working in her aunt and uncles restaurant. Wiley made a name for herself initially at The Winds in Yellow Springs, OH. In 2004 she opened Meadowlark Restaurant and later Wheat Penny.

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