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Raised in Mexico City, Julian Medina's inspiration was his father’s and grandfather’s authentic home cooking. Training professionally in Mexico City, Julian was brought to New York City to be Chef de Cuisine at Maya, which earned two stars from the New York Times under Julian’s leadership. Maintaining his position at Maya, Julian enrolled in the French Culinary Institute, graduating with recognition. Ever since he's been opening restaurants in partnership until 2017 when he opened La Chula, his first solo restaurant. Today Chef Mendina is the chef/owner of Toloache, Coppelia, Tacuba Mexican Cantina, La Chula, and TQS.

Show Notes

Success Quote or Mantra:

  • "Stay humble, work hard, and run."

In this episode with Julian Medina we will discuss:

  • Growing up in Mexico City
  • Discovering a love of cooking
  • Learning how to drink tequila
  • Stay appealing to tourists who don’t know anything about your concept
  • Owning and managing A TON of restaurants in NYC
  • Transitioning from full-service to fast-casual
  • Work-life balance
  • The American dream and what it means to someone living it
  • Racism in the industry
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