Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Restaurateur and entrepreneur AJ Gilbert has been managing restaurants in some for over 25 years. Today, his the founder and CEO of ChefSheet. com.   ChefSheet was started as a way to help balance the relationship between restaurant vendors and restaurants. Most medium to small restaurant operations place orders for product, get deliveries with an invoice, and pay what they are asked, for the product, by the vendor. Restaurants have little power to negotiate and to shop the market, because they have little time to handle these mundane tasks, or they lack the tools to know why the prices they're paying have changedChefSheet addresses many of these things by helping understand your prices over time, your plate costs, and even what others are paying for product. Tune in to this episode to learn more about ChefSheet and why I may be a good option for your restaurant! 

Wisconsin native and Culinary Institute of America Graduate, Mchugh kicked off his culinary career in New Orleans. It didn’t take long for Mchugh to get picked up by the Besh Restaurant Group, where he excelled. Mchugh eventually relocated to San Antonio to open Luke, along side Besh Restaurant Group. Mchugh has overcame one of the most serious challenges life can throw at you; cancer. He has overcame! Today he is living his dream as the Chef/ Proprietor of Cured, located in Peal; San Antonios culinary center. Cured has been named one of the top 50 for “America’s Best New Restaurants 2014” by Bon Appétit and one of the six select Runners-up for Esquire’s 2014 Food & Drink Awards: “America’s Best New Restaurants.” Listen to this episode and you'll learn how to seasoning your life with experience with help you in the long run.

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Illinois native, Kevin Boehm is the Co-Founder of Boka Restaurant Group. Since 1992 he has contributed to the opening of 17 successful restaurants with 4 additional restaurants schedule to open in 2015. From the James Beard Foundation, to Michelin Stars, the Boka Restaurant Group has accolades coming in from all angles. Boehm and his business partner, Rob Katz, have won Restaurateurs of the Year from Time Out Chicago in 2010, the Chicago Tribune in 2011, and were named Empire Builders of the Year by Eater National as well in 2011. In 2013 Boka Restaurant Group was named one of the RH25 in Restaurant Hospitality Magazine. Listen to todays episode and discover how unreasonable men, like Kevin Boehm change the world through love for people and competition. 

Roger Beaudoin’s 18 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry is backed with a business degree from Bryant College and an MBA from Babson College. He has headed four restaurant and hospitality operations in all. His most recent restaurant, The Matterhorn Ski Bar, a seasonal, 4 month restaurant and bar, which generated 1 million dollars in annual sales. Today, with all of his knowledge and experience he is kicking off his newest venture, Listen in to this episode and discover why Roger says, "We need to train our staff to be their own individual brands."

Atlanta native, Chef Chris Hill is the proprietor and personality behind the brands, Bachelor Kitchen, and his bistro The 3 Way Café. When asked his mission in life Hill states, “My goal is to reach people on any number of levels. For me, I am lucky, I get to do that through food and through writing stories – things we can all relate to, a common ground of sorts.” I'm excited to share this interview with you because of the unique and creative way Chef Hill entered this industry. He is a shining example of how persistence, determination and creativity can make you become UNSTOPPABLE! 

WOOT WOOT! First husband and wife interview! Erin and Tim Archuleta are the proprietors of ICHI Sushi + NI Bar as well as Ichi Kakiya. Since opening, ICHI Sushi was named one of American’s Top Restaurants in the Zagat 2013 guide and Zagat San Francisco Bay Area Guide 2013’s Top 20 Restaurants, has won Best of the Bay in five outlets, and is included in the 2013 San Francisco Louis Vuitton City Guide. Most Recently, ICHI was listed in the San Francisco Chronicles Top 100 restaurants. Listen in, while husband and wife share with us how delivering authentic culture and experiences in your restaurant will make you UNSTOPPABLE! 

Remember: No matter what, never give up! 

Mainer and University of Vermont Graduate, Ryan Turner is Co-Founder and CEO of Unsukay, the parent company for restaurants Muss & Turner’s, Eleanor’s, Local Three and Common Quarter. He and his partners were recognized by the Georgia Restaurant Association as Restaurateurs of the Year in 2011. In 2014, Ryan was named Business Person of the Year by The Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Additionally, Ryan serves as Board Chairman of the Giving Kitchen, A 501c3 serving those in his restaurant community facing hardship and crisis. In this episode Turner opens our eyes to the power of having a network with deep, meaningful relationships VS having a vast network with shallow relationships. 

Graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, Executive Chef and Consultant, Chef Duffy, is known for coining the term “New Celtic” cuisine and perhaps for his numerous appearances on the wildly popular Spike TV series Bar Rescue. Chef Duffy works with restaurants across the country updating their menus and coaching them through much needed facelifts. His proven success has made him one of the most in demand restaurant consultants across North America and overseas. Hit play,  discover how the art of preparation creates the experience and become Unstoppable! 


Chef Ned Elliott grew up gardening in a home where food played an integral role in daily life. Eager to further his career outside of his schooling at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, Ned left the CIA to begin staging at various restaurants in New York City. With his craft fine-tuned and reputation built, Ned serves as the Chef/Proprietor of Foreign and Domestic in Austin, TX. Foreign and Domestic has been featured in Zagat, Eater, Food and Wine Magazine, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dive. Most recently, The Austin Chronicle listed Foreign and Domestic as one of Austin’s top 100 restaurants. Additionally Chef Ned Elliot is the founder of Indie Chef Week, which we're all about to learn more about. Now hit play and discover how Chef Elliot became... UNSTOPPABLE!


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Rick is the Executive Chef and proprietor of Antique Taco located in Chicago. The menu at Antique Taco reflects his experience from every kitchen he has worked, his experience from Kendall College, and from his travels abroad. What makes his restaurant truly special is that it is the ultimate fusion of everything his loves from meaningful food, to antiques, and working with is incredible wife Ashley. Hit play, listen to Chef Ortiz and become UNSTOPPABLE! 

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New Jersey native and Culinary Institute of America Grad, Chef Thomas McNaughton has what seems to be an all or nothing approach to life. Overseeing Flour and WaterCentral Kitchen and Salumeria, Chef McNaughton has his roots firmly planted in San Francisco, as the Executive Chef for Ne Timeas Restaurant Group.He has been nominated by the James Beard Foundation as “Rising Star Chef of the Year” in 2011, 2012, and 2013. In 2010 Flour and Water was nominated as “Best New Restaurant."Listen and discover how Chef McNaughton became unstoppable!