Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode we cover: the power of having a life and business partner who compliments you; why its important to keep your standards high and to take care of people even when times are hard and pennies of few; the significance of being different and offering a unique selling proposition; and why you need to have an undying will to succeed! 

Braden and Yasmin met and discovered their passion for hospitality at Cornell University’s School of Hotel and Administration. After graduating both honed their skills learning from and working with the acclaimed Hillstone Restaurant Group in California and Texas. In 2011 Braden and Yasmin Opened Malai Kitchen. Braden mans the back of house and Yasmin runs the front of house. Under their direction, Malai has garnered notoriety for its commitment to great hospitality and polished approach to all aspects operations.

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Its Talking Tuesday! On most Tuesdays I go solo, but this week we have a special REPEAT guest, Nick Sarillo joining us to discuss numerous topics covered in his book: A Slice of the Pie: How to Build a Big Little Business

We do a lot of talking at Restaurant Unstoppable about the importance of having purpose, building a good culture, and developing trust and respect among your community and team members, but it is not always so clear how to do it right. Thats why this book is a must read for anyone looking to grow a success restaurant.

Nick doesn't just tell us to grow an amazing culture, he shows us how by making an example of his own success. There are tons of leadership, business, and culture building books out there, but this book is unlike others in that it written by someone who is in the industry, sharing what works, but more importantly, how to make it work. 


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In this episode we discuss: the importance of having clarity in your strengths and weaknesses, why you need to stay challenged and true to your goals, how to attract a great team, why culture and a list of core values is so important, and the importance of a clear brand and target audience. 

For over 30 years, Steve has been fortunate to open and operate more than a dozen restaurant start-ups. Over the years Steve has become an expert in the fields of restaurant systems and cost control. His experiences has been so rich and rewarding he decided to start The Restaurant Excellence Group, where he is dedicated to helping restaurant owners and hospitality professionals get more out of their business, careers and life.

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What we'll discuss today: quitting while your ahead; being able to pivot and adopt to guest needs; Paying attention to the numbers; and the power of a good website. 

Nick has worked in the restaurant industry since he was 13 years old. It was while attending Drexel University and managing 3 Saladworks location, when he knew he would one day own and operate his own restaurants. He first attempted ownership started in 2005 with Cavo Cafe. After eight years of successfully operating one location, Nick decided it was time to open a second location and in 2013 he got to work opening Wingcraft Kitchen & Beer Bar, a restaurant that focuses on craft beer and craft food. Today he is the successful owner and operator of two concepts and he is crushing it!

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In this episode we discover the power of super niching, scaling with a food truck,  extreme people and service orientation, and learning to say no. 

Previously the manager of two specialty shoe stores, Nate has chased and caught his dream as the proud Founder and Owner of Natedogs; one of the most recognized food trucks and hotdog stands in the country. Aside from his incredible dogs, home made mustards and sauces, Nate is known for just being a stand up, good dude. Natedogs has been named Eater’s Best Hotdogs in America, Expedias Top 5 foodtrucks in America, and Thrillest 21 best food trucks in America. 

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Today we're discussing the do's, dont's, and best practices to use for Facebook. More specifically, we'll be discussing how to engage others on Facebook, how to go about delegating Facebook to staff members, the most common mistakes made, and what additional tool you can be using to maximize your Facebook efforts. The topics we'll be discussing are not breaking news stuff, but THEY ARE  MUST KNOW stuff and its surprising... and a little alarming to know how many people just don't know how to do it right.  

Our authority on this matter, James Eling, is the Founder and Host of Secret Sauce: The Restaurant Marketing Podcast, where they discuss marketing ideas, strategies and tactics from restaurant marketing experts . James has a passion for helping Restaurant owners build successful business that allow them to make more money whilst working less hours.

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In this episode we learn about the power of surrounding yourself with intelligent people, marketing yourself by using actions, keeping your give-a-shit reflex sharpened, and why you need to serve and care for your community. 

Chef Nashan got his culinary start while growing up in his families Northern New Mexican restaurant. Eventually, he would go on to graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. After a number of stages both state side and abroad, Nashan returned home to St. Louis to open Sidney Street Café in 2003. After 10 years in business, in 2013 Sidney Street Café was named Restaurant of the Year. In August 2014 Nashan opened his second location, The Peacemaker. Nashan was named a James Beard Award finalist for: Best Chef Midwest in 2014, after four years as semifinalist

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Are you interested to know what the tech tends of the future are? Are you not too sure whats meant by data analytics? Or are you familiar with what data analytics is, but you're uncertain on how to leverage it? Do you want to buy new restaurant technology, but you're uncertain about going through the purchasing process? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this interview is for you. 

Rob Grimes is the CEO and President of The International Food and Beverage Technology Association. A non profit trade association which promotes the use of technology with the global food and beverage industries. Additional, Rob is the Founder and Chair of FSTEC Conference in Washington DC. Today we’re going to discuss what Restaurant Tech trends Restaurateurs should be aware of, how to differentiate between trends and fads, what to consider when choosing new technologies, and what resources exist to help you stay ontop of ever changing landscape. 

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Today Oliver Camacho teaches us: why its important to keep things light and fun; the power of using body language on the floor; the significance of developing rapport and trust through servant leadership; how important it is to support and educate your staff; and why you should not bull-shit your guest. 

Oliver, a formally-trained opera singer and informally-trained podcast host, joined the Topolobampo team in 1999 as a server. In 2014 he took over Topolobampo’s dining room as manager. During his time at Topolobampo they’ve been nominated by the James Beard Foundation three times for Outstanding Service, and once for Outstanding Restaurant. The Michelin Guide has given them 1 star three years consecutively. Wine spectator has given them the Award of Excellence 21 times! Most recently, Oliver accepted an offer to become AGM and director of service of Armour and Swift, the much-talked-about upcoming project by Boka Group and B Hospitality.

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