Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore
In this episode we discuss: knowing your velocity;  attracting to oneself with visualizing; knowing when to keep your head down and when to speak up; the power of doing well by others: keeping in mind there are snakes in the grass; why building a great team will help you attack capital; and the importance of humbling yourself. 
Russell hails from East Texas and like so many people, he got his start in the restaurant and bar business as a way to pay for college. Russell started rising up the Austin bar scene earning his experience and paying his dues by managing some of Texas' top bars. in 2010 Russell was a finalist  for bartender of the year and in 2011 he won the title.  He has since traveled the country, helping bar owners become unstoppable as a free lance consultant. After having much success co-hosting Bar Rescue with Jon gaffer, Russell began his own company, Unlimited Liabilities.
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In this episode we're chatting with Founder of, Brandon Hull. NextRestaurants is a site dedicated to helping restaurant owners and professionals master the world of digital media marketing. Brandon has slowly become our go-to-guy for all things new-age restaurant marketing. The focus of our discussion: content marketing.

What is it content marketing and how can you implement it in your marketing campaign? Learn that and more after listening in!

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In this episode we discuss: what is meant by "smooth is fast"; how hospitality is a game changer; why its important to never become complacent; the significance of doing one thing really well; the value of systems, processes, and procedures; how sam uses Swipely to leverage data and analytics; the impact of waking up early; and how to create passive income with your restaurants website. 

Glynn was raised in the restaurant biz, washing dishes and bussing tables at his father’s restaurant in North Conway, New Hampshire. He has followed in his fathers footsteps and at the age of 27, is the proud owner of his own restaurant, Chomp Kitchen and Drinks, located in Warren RI. If there is a burger award in Rhode Island to win, Chomp has won it. Now Chomp is making a national footprints on the burger scene as it was recently recognized as best burger in America by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine.

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In this episode we discuss: what can happen when your "why" has an others focus; why you need to just take a chance, because you'll never open a restaurant unless you start; how important it is to do the research before you open; how being too lax can cause your people to be confused and unhappy; The benefits of opening a restaurant with your own money; open book management; hiring; leveraging technology; and the impact visioning can have on your restaurant. 

Opening Homeroom Mac & Cheese was a dream come true for Allison Arevalo and Erin Wade. Before becoming restaurant owners, both were working boring corporate jobs while daydreaming about one day opening a restaurant. After meeting at a busy Oakland cafe one fateful rainy day, they decided to quit their cushy jobs and sink their life savings into a mac and cheese restaurant.

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In this episode we discuss: the power of surrounding yourself with people who are passionate; why you should chase your passion and not a paycheck; partnering with people for who they are, not how much money they have; hiring and retaining employees; and how to stay inspired. 

Chef Alon Shaya is a Philadelphia native and Culinary Institute of America Grad. In 2001 he was recruited by Octavio Mantilla to join the Besh Restaurant Group, where he worked closely along side, Chef John Besh. Before long, Shaya became a partner in the Besh Restaurant group and opened Domenica, a family-oriented, authentic Italian Restaurant and shortly after opened Pizza Domenica, a casual Spin-off of Domenica Restaurant. Very recently Chef Shaya opened his 3rd restaurant Shaya which pays homage to his Israeli upbringing.In 2012, 2013, and 2014 Chef Shaya was a finalist for James Beard “Best Chef—South” and this year he won the title. Chef Also has a hand full of accolades form publications like Food & Wine, BonAppetit, Food52 and more.

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