Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

o you ever struggle with staying on top of administrative duties in your restaurant? Maybe you wish you had more time to spend with your family. If only you could clone yourself, right? Well, I may not be able to help with cloning, but acquiring an assistant may be easier and more affordable than you may have imagined. Today we have two authorities of the virtual assistant world on the show Nick Loper and Bryan Miles. Nick is the Founder of, a one-stop resource for all of your personal assistant needs and the largess resources dedicated to rating and reviewing virtual assistants. Bryan is the founder of eaHelp assists busy professionals and companies maximize the duties and results of administration and task project management with a single focus on helping leaders get the job done. Now hit play and listen how you can use the services of a virtual assistant to make your restaurant UNSTOPPABLE!

This Tuesday we're talking about the importance of delegation in your restaurant. The whys and hows of being a better delegator will be discussed in this episode. Also, we'll explore the new tools that are available to make us delegating machines. Have you ever heard of a virtual assistant? What do you know about free online resources like asana, dropbox and google docs? Listen in and make the most of todays technologies in your delegating efforts. 

Today's guest, Charlie Hopper draws on twenty years of restaurant marketing experience to offer recommendations on everything from brand positioning to social media and original content. He is the author of Selling Eating, a book filled with advice, examples and ideas about restaurant marketing, and how to communicate with your guest. Additionally, he contributes to Food and Drink International and Adweek, and blogs at

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Todays guest’s, Eric and Robin are the founder of We Sell Restaurants, the countries largest restaurant brokerage firm. They are more than just brokers, they are educators, authors of Appetites for Acquisition, and the hosts of We Sell Restaurants Talk Radio Show. Today we discuss habits of successful clients, common first time mistakes industry trends/innovations and discover why getting a broker is a no brainer move.

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Chef Katz got his start in the restaurant biz at the age of 11, while accompanying his mother to work. After working under a handful of great mentors, in 2008, he became the chef proprietor of Meme, Located in Philadelphia, PA. Today, is he holds the title of Corporate Chef at Creekstone Farms. His Accolades include: Seven Hot Chefs to Watch Philadelphia Style, Top Chefs to watch in the Country Esquire, Chefs Feed Winner One of the Best Things to Eat in Philly, and a 3 Bell review From the Philadelphia inquirer. Chef Katz is also Chair of Taste of the Nation.

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Today, we have Founder and CEO of Humm Systems on the show. Humm Systems is a tablet presented to your guest at the end of meal which allows you to engage, discover insights and takes action!  Listen in and uncover what Humm Systems can do to make your restaurant just a little more UNSTOPPABLE! 

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Matt is the Chef Owner of Urban Solace, Solace & The Moonlight Lougne and Sea and Smoke.It could be said that he is known for sustainable comfort food that is free of artificial ingredients Chef Gordons personal accolades include “50 people to watch by San diego Magazine, “40 under 40” by San Diego Metropolitan and “Best Chef” by San Diego Downtown news

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Brian is the owner of the Barley House Restaurant and Tavern located in Concord, NH. The Barely House has been running strong for 14 years and has received Kudos such as TV Diner’s Gold Plate Award, NH Business Review, Best after work bar, NH Magazines Favorite Restaurant and Trip advisors award of excellence. That was 2013 alone

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Scott is the Chef at Southern Philadelphia Tap Room and American Sardine. If you’re looking for comfort food, this is your fella! You may remember seeing him on Diners, Drive-in and Dives showing off his out of this world deep Fried PB&J. Need to sharpen your twitter skills? He may be able to teach all a thing or two…

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Business partners James Peisker and Chris Carter are the founders of Local Eats LLC based out of Nashville, TN. Today, we’ll be talking about their crown Jewell Porter Road Butcher Shop. Porter Road and its people, have been recognized by Bon Appetit, Forbes Magazine, First We Feast and The Tennessean, just to name a few. They saw there was a need for a butcher shop in their community, filled the void and now are successful because of it!


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As restaurant owners and managers it is extremely important that the messages we convey are heard. Listen along while I share what I learned from two GREAT TED Talks. There are plenty of things we can do to make people WANT to listen to us. There are also plenty of things you can do that will make people NOT WANT to listen to us. Listen in to Today's Talking Tuesday episode and learn what you can do to increase the likely hook of getting your message heard.

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Today's guest Chef Patrick Soucy is the executive chef for Ceia Bar and Kitchen in Newburyport MA. describes Chef Patrick as a Farmers Chef.  He has recently been award Rising Star Chef Award, and was invited to cook at the James Beard House


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Ron is the Founder of Cleandrop Mobile. Cleandrop is a mobile app with the purpose of rewarding the clean restaurants and motivating the dirty restaurants to become more clean. They accomplish this by providing the guest with the means to see it, shoot it and send it to friends, families and other guests. Join  us as Ron talk about what we can do as restaurant owners and managers to be more conscious of our cleanliness. How clean is your restaurant?