Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode, we discuss: why it is so important to just start; how the universe will present the path to success after you start; why you need to listen to your gut to find clarity in your mission and vision; and why it is ok to have an evolving vision. Joseph and Jenna Cuccia are the brother and sister team behind 17 Summer Street, located in Lodi, New Jersey. Starting as a Catering company in 2012, 17 Summer street has scaled and evolved over time and now serves as a full-service restaurant which is garnering accolades from around the industry including Joseph's recent accomplishment of being nominated as a semi-finalist for James Beard: Rising Star Chef Award

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Jim Rowe hails from White Center Washington and is the Founder, CEO, and Owner of Wing Central which opened in 2003. Since then he has gone on to open four additional restaurants, which include: The Roadhouse Grill, Brooklyn's Pizzeria, Creekside West, and Blue Rock Saloon.  In this episode, Jim shares with us his biggest lesson: grow your people before you grow your business. Additionally, Jim touches on the value of never ending learning and joining a mastermind.

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McEnery earned his bachelor’s degree in Restaurant and Hotel Management from Purdue University and honed his skills at Aramark’s specialty restaurant division and Lynfred Winery. McEnery was able to bring Cooper’s Hawk Winery to life at the age of 29, opening the first restaurant in Orland Park, IL in 2005. Eleven years and 25 locations later Tim is CRUSHING IT! In this episode Tim talks to use about: what can happen if you're persistent; how to switch from a working in your business to working on your business mentality; finding people who are as good or better than us to join our team; and why we never can stop learning.
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Committing his professional life to the hospitality industry, Jerrett Young had a 15-year tenure with top Canadian restaurant organization Oliver & Bonacini. As Vice President of Operations, he was responsible for the Toronto restaurant portfolio which included 7 unique restaurants, totaling sales of approximately 45 million in revenue. With an MBA in Hospitality Management specializing in organizational behavior, he helped the O&B team navigate successfully through a period of intense growth, innovation, and new partnerships. Currently, he is now Co-founder and owner of two companies: Blue Print Hospitality and Pineapple.

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Hari was born and raised in the bustling metropolis of Mumbai, India. He came to the United States in 1987 to pursue graduate studies in Mathematics. Today, Hari is a classically trained James Beard nominated Chef as well as an active tenured Associate Professor of Mathematics at Stetson University. Hari teaches full-time at Stetson University during the day and returns to his kitchen at Cress Restaurant at night where he is co-owner and executive chef.

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A Training & Development veteran for 30+ years, Jim Knight grew as a professional under The Hard Rock Cafe brand, where he took lead on all things learning and development. Today, he facilitates on a variety of interactive topics, including sessions around organizational culture, world-class service, building rock star teams, employee branding, performance management, philanthropy and facilitation training. Jim authored, "Culture that Rocks", which in 2015, was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as a "top 5 books to help you transform your business". If you want continued influence from Jim and his thoughts, check out his sight

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Chef Jay McCarthy was born in New York, and raised in Jamaica. Always accelerating in math and science he found himself at Texas A and M where he studied Aerospace Engineering. Somewhere along the line cooking became his life.
McCarthy has traveled to numerous countries offering insights to chefs and sharing ideas as a consultant for the Texas Beef Council, the Nebraska Beef Council, and the U.S. Meat Export Federation. He spends much of his time consulting, teaching, and lecturing overseas as well as domestically. Most recently McCarthy filled the position of Corporate Chef for all Group970's restaurants, located in Colorado’s Vail Valley.
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Erik Oberholtzer is a graduate of Johnson and Wales University and has worked in some of the best restaurant around the world. Today, he is a social entrepreneur and Co-founder of Tender Greens. Founded in 2006, Tender Greens is a fine casual restaurant that serves healthy, high quality food at an affordable price, or in other words, slow food done fast. In this episode, Erik teaches us about: achieving mindfulness through meditation; why it is important you know your why and to be able to communicate it to others; The power of combining partnerships with "knowing your lane". 

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