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As a restaurant consultant and trainer, Mike Ganino helps restaurants create better team cultures and teaches managers how to be more effective leaders. He is a regular keynote speaker and inspires hospitality leaders around the world to engage their staff and create stronger brands.

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Jillian Rocco is a Massachusetts native, and a graduate of Boston University. She got her start in the restaurant industry as a hostess at Eastern Standard Restaurant. She has grown to Director of Operations at Row 34 and Island Creek Oyster Bar. Driven by the desire to learn more about the wine collection at Eastern Standard, Jillian did the work to create herself a job as a wine connoisseur and General Manager at Row 34.

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Today I have Donald Burns on the show to discussing the #1 challenge for restaurants today; hiring and developing staff. Donald is the Founder & CEO of Off The Range Ventures, LLC we he currently has 7 brands in his portfolio including: The Restaurant Coach, BadChef Good Chef Apparel Co, Restaurant Social+, Chef Branding Academy, and The Restaurant Coach University. Donald is a leading authority, author and international coach helping  restaurant owners, operators and culinary professionals go from just good to becoming exceptional.

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In this episode we've got the one... the only... Bruce Irving back on the show not for the first time, not for the second time, but for the THIRD TIME! Bruce is the Founder and Host of Smart Pizza Marking Podcast, and he's one of our authorities on marketing for restaurants. Bruce is chatting with us about whats new with Facebook. Specifically, we'll be discussing: Facebook Video; Facebook Live; and Facebook's unpublished posts.

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Chicago Born, John Buchanan, is a psychology graduate of Northern Illinois University. His career at Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Inc. (LEYE) began at Evanston's Fritz, That's It, in 1978.  When Rich Melman, LEYE founder and Chairman of the Board, realized the need for a Human Resources Department, he selected Buchanan to head up the project. He currently holds the title of Senior Vice President of LEYE and His ability to teach and motivate has led to the position of President of Lettuce Consulting Group.

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Molly Hopper Sandrof hails from Norther California and is a graduate of Boston University with a focus on Communication and Marketing. Today she is the Director of People and Staff Development for the Hawthorn, Eastern Standard, Island Creek Oyster Bar and two Row 34 locations.

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Andrew and Claire Bowen opened their first coffee shop in 2007, after leaving senior roles in retail and healthcare. Within eighteen months they had opened three outlets and had over 1m pounds turnover. In 2011 they developed their own independent format, which they continue to run. They support coffee shop owners worldwide as founders of The Cafe Success Hub. Together they authored The Daily Grind: How to open and run a coffee shop that makes money.

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