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In this episode we're welcoming back on the podcast, Nick Fosberg. Nick is here to share with us Facebook's newest weapon for attracting new customers; lead ads.

Nick is known as one of the highest paid marketing and promotional consultants in the bar & restaurant industry and owns two restaurants in the Chicagoland area. He's famous for creating some of the highest grossing digital marketing promotions in the history of the bar & restaurant business..... without spending a penny on marketing. He does it all through e-mail & Facebook posts. You can learn all of Nick's secrets at

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Restaurateur, Kim Bartmann, comes from a punk rock culture and supported herself through college by working in kitchens. Bartmann moved to Minneapolis in 1983 and would go on to open the Cafe Weird . Today, she currently operates eight restaurants which include: Pat's Tap, Bryant Lake Bowl, Bread & Pickle, Tiny Diner, The Third Bird, Red Stag Supperclub and Trapeze. Kim and her restaurants have taken countless accolades including James Beard Semi-Finalist Outstanding Restaurateur 2013 & 2015. In addition Kim contributes to Women's Chef and Restaurateurs, which exist to promote awareness around women chefs.

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New Orleans native Alex Brennan-Martin grew up as a member of the nationally acclaimed Brennan’s restaurant family, which includes the renowned Commander’s Palace. He made Houston home in the early 1980s and took over the reins at Brennan’s of Houston, which was established in 1967. For the past 30+ years, he has upheld his mission of “creating dining memories” for his patrons, which has led to the continued success of Brennan’s of Houston. Among his many accolades, Brennan-Martin was named “Restaurateur of the Year” by My Table magazine, and he and his family were inducted into the Culinary Institute of America’s Hall of Fame, making them one of only three families to ever receive this prestigious leadership award.

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Brandon hails from Detroit, Michigan. It was in Detroit where he found his mentor and started living intentionally. On this new found path, he eventually found himself studying at the Culinary Institute of America.  After graduating he started working in some of the best kitchen in the world including Lucas Carton, Le Cirque, and La Bernadin to name a few. Today, he is serves as founder of Edwin, the first ever French in-spired restaurant which also serve as a culinary institute for recently released state prisoners. He's been featured in news papers and magazine all over the country and in 2015 was awarded the title of a CNN Hero for his work.

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Inspired Chef, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, 2X TEDx Speaker, founder of, and Author of the newly published, fresh of the presses book Making The Cut: What Separates the Best from the Rest, Chef Chris Hill is constantly striving to practice what he preaches, which in essence is leaving a positive impact on the world.

Today we're here to talk about Chef Hill's book, Making the Cut. This book provides guidance on how we should behave and lead our lives if we want to enjoy a successful career as a chef or any professional for that matter. In this book Hill profiles a handful of chefs and makes an example of their careers. Not only does Hill cover the path these chefs took get to where they are, but the attitudes, morals and beliefs they had while getting there. If you read this book and emulate the chefs profiled you too can "Make the Cut" and become UNSTOPPABLE! 

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A Seattle native, Anderson received his Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management from Washington State University and graduated with honors from the Culinary Institute of America in New York with an Associate in Occupational Studies in Culinary. All together, Anderson brings nearly 30 years’ experience in the restaurant business. Today, Anderson serves as vice president of operations for Consolidated Restaurants, Inc., which owns and operates The Metropolitan Grill, Elliott's Oyster House, Steamer’s Seafood Cafes, Quincy's Chargrilled Burgers, and The Wing Dome.

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Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences on topics at the core of the Go-Giver books. In addition to coauthoring the bestselling Go-Giver books with John David Mann, Bob has authored a number of popular books with book sales well over a million copies. He was named by the American Management Association as one of the Top 30 Most Influential Thought Leaders in Business for 2014. You can find his work including books, blog, podcast and video series at and In this episode Bob Burg and I cover the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success, shared in his book, The Go-Giver, and how we can apply these laws as restaurant operators. 

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Jim Palmer is a marketing and business building expert and in demand coach. He is the founder of the Dream Business Academy and Dream Business Coaching and Mastermind Program. Jim is the host of Dream Business Coach TV, the hit weekly Web TV show watched by thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners and he is also the host Stick Like Glue Radio, a weekly podcast based on Jim's unique brand of Smart Marketing and Business Building Strategies. 

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Today we're talking to two of the men who are behind some of the big things that are happening at Greg Hong and Peter Esmond. Greg Hong is Reserve's CEO and Co-Founder and is responsible for setting the Reserve vision and running Reserve operations. Peter Esmond is Head of Restaurant Product and has worked in the industry for nearly two decades, including serving as General Manger at Per Se. Reserve is a tool that focuses on the entire guest journey — from the moment a diner is hungry through discovery, reservation, payment and feedback. Reserve is also a service that puts the control of the reservation process back in the hands of the restaurateur.
The purpose of this episode is to dive into what makes what it is: the company history; its new features; and what sets it apart from other reservation services which exist.
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