Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Today we're breaking from the standard mold. We'll be sharing Jennifer Desrosiers resent journey of opening her very first restaurant and she'll share her biggest challenges, victories and why she believes she has had such great success straight out of the gates.

As a holistic health and wellness coach, yoga instructor, and self-proclaimed real food junkie, Jennifer believes great health is a synergistic balance of a healthy diet, tons of self-love, passionate relationships, and powerful movement. When she's not inspiring people to live their life to the fullest, you can find her whipping up treats at Laney & Lu Cafe, upside down on her yoga mat or adventuring in the mountains.

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In this episode we're discussing Great By Choice: Uncertainty, Chaos, and Luck-- Why Some Thrive Despite Them All. The premise of this book revolves around one simple questions: Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not? 

Authors, Jim Collins and Morten T. Hansen, call the thriving companies "10xers" or companies that out perform their comparison companies by factor of at least 10 times.

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It is Authority Thursday and on the show we have Chef Chris Hill, an authority on developing personal brands for chefs and other hospitality professionals. In one year Chef Hill took his Facebook following from 6,000 to 35,000 and he shares how he did it. Chef Hill discusses; how he got his personally brand to explode over the past year; why its important to develop personal brands; and what you can do today to start developing your own personal brand.

Inspired Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Entrepreneur, 2X TEDx Speaker and founder of ChefBrandingAcademy.comChef Chris is the regularly featured guest chef on TV shows in various markets throughout the Southeast. He and his writing and work have been featured in various publications. Additionally, he travels the east coast speaking to various colleges and universities regarding culinary media, branding, social media, and the realm of food writing. He is also the CEO, and personality behind Bachelor Kitchen, a food and lifestyle brand focused on recipes, video, tips and writing, encouraging people to "Fall in Love with Cooking".

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In this episode I'm teaming up with Bruce Irving, the Host of the Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast. Bruce's mission is to help pizzeria owners build a successful business, very similar to what Restaurant Unstoppable is doing, but way niched down.
Combined we've interviewed over 250 successful restaurant professionals and authorities. We've each come up with a list of 5 key takeaways or lessons learned from our work interviewing all these successful restaurant people and we're sharing our list with you!
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In this episode we discuss: the importance of reflecting on your accomplishments; having tenacity when the going gets tough; being willing to learn from anybody; picking the right partner to go into business with; creating respect in your restaurant; empowering your staff with the right tools; why it is so important to love the work you do; and why you should take the time to get experience before opening your own restaurant or business. 

Katherine's upbringing on a small Wisconsin farm led to an appreciation for fresh, delicious products. Her first venture started at the age of 10, when she would use cream from her family's Jersey cows to create soft, old-fashioned caramels. "Katherine's Karamels" were sold at Dad's office for 25 cents each, and quickly became a local favorite. Soon, her caramels and truffles were highly anticipated gifts every Christmas. In the fall of 2006, Katherine Anne Confections was launched in Chicago to rave reviews. Today, you can find Katherine in her Chicago kitchen, Katherine-Anne Confections, stirring caramel, and rolling truffles just like she did at age 10, but with a lot more chocolate

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In this episode we discuss: the importance of being patient; the impact of pursuing excellence in everything you do; to get excellence from your staff you need to first display excellence; staying focused; setting reasonable goals and modest expectation when opening a restaurant; constantly pursuing more efficient ways to do things; tools that can maximize your profit and efficiency in your kitchen; and why we should strive to be less wasteful.

A Rhode Island native and graduate of the school of hard knocks,  Chef Allaire was previously the executive chef at  L’epicurio, Tuckers Bistro, and has done some culinary consulting on the side. Today, Chef Alliere is The co-Owner and Founder of Providence Coal Fired Pizza and just recently opened his second restaurant Metacom Kitchen  which is his first independent concept restaurant, located in Warren, Rhode Island.Chef Allaire also finds time to give back to the community, mentoring many young cooks who have gone on to cook at some of the most notable establishments in the United States.  He was active in The March of Dimes Signature Chef event, has participated numerous times in Taste of Newport and has cooked at several events at the prestigious James Beard House to benefit the Scholarship Fund.

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In this episode we discuss: the power of making your mission to spread joy; how life is about people, teamwork and collaboration; servant leadership; begin willing to fail and take chances in life; being the best version of yourself everyday; raising capital by creating a following; bootstrapping a restaurant; being creative and adaptable when faced with challenges; creating trust, protocols, and tools for obtaining work-life balance; and instead of doing many things mediocrely, do a few things really well. 
From her time growing up just outside of Boston, MA, Robyn has been in love with ice-cream. After graduating from Williams College and spending time in corporate America as a strategy and management consultant, R0byn decided the corporate life just wasn't for her and attend Stanford Graduate School of Business focusing on Entrepreneurship.Upon graduation, Robyn’s sweet tooth sent her to a short course at Penn State University that focused on commercial ice cream production and distribution. in 2009 she put Smitten Ice-cream on the map with nothing but a wagon, her patented Brrr machine and persistence. In 2011, she opened her first shop and only a few years later she had expanded the Smitten brand to five location across the Bay Area and one in Los Angeles.  
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In this episode we discuss: What happens when you listen to the ideas of your team members; taking on silent investors; why you need to always be hiring; the significance in embracing technology; and the impact of protocols and boundaries have on work life balance.
Carlson is from Los Angeles and got his start in the restaurant industry when 13 working for his girl friends parents. He has experience from the front line to the front office and knows what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive industry. Today he is sharing what he's learned at, where he writes about leadership, personal growth, and where he educates restaurant & hospitality professionals on how to create successful restaurants by utilizing social media. His work includes programs to ensure exceptional customer service to creating unforgettable experiences. Andrew's programs and consulting reflect the realities of doing business in a changing, challenging marketplace.
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