Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Going on 20 years now Sandra Bernstein had been Owner of The Girl and the Fig. Today, Sondra has expanded her operations with The Fig Cafe & winebar in Glen Ellen, as well as a unique event space in Sonoma Known as Suite D. She is also the author of two books: The Girl and the Fig Cookbook, and Plats Du Jour.

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In this episode we talk about leading from where you are, staying in touch with what fascinates you about this industry, how to overcome the lens through which a manager is seen, and representing the product and the story behind it. 16 years of experience as a barista, trainer, USBC competitor, competition creator, writer, consultant, and manager have been good to Chris Deferio. Along the way he has picked up key tips and insights into the foundational elements of what it takes to run a thriving and successful cafe. Today, Chris serves as Shop Operations Manager for Sunergos Coffee in Louisville, KY and when he's not in the cafe he's sharing what he's learned about that business with his podcast

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Kathleen is the founder of Kathleen Wood Partners, LLC, an innovative growth strategy firm specializing in shifting leaders and businesses to new levels of success. Kathleen Wood Partners consults with clients to identify and clarify their purpose and competitive differentials to accelerate their growth and profitability. Kathleen Wood Partners collaborate with managers, leaders, and companies ranging from startups to large multinationals on how to optimize company and employee performance to build sales and increase profitability in any economy! Kathleen doesn't only talk the talk she practicing what she preaches at Suzy's Swirl, where she is co-owner of two locations.

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This is a two-part interview starting with Chef Dustin Vallette and ending with his Brother Aaron Garzini. Dustin Vallette and Aaron Garzini are the co-owners of Valette Healdsburg. The vision for their restaurant came into the frame over 15 years ago while at their farther's house enjoying a glass of wine. They both went on their own way, Dustin learning the back of the house, Aaron learning the front of the house, only to reunite and bring their vision to reality. Since opening Valette in 2015 they have received incredible accolades from around the industry.
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In this episode we talk about doing something great instead of something big, extending trust before receiving it, surrounding yourself with great people, and hiring people that make you laugh. Scott Wise is the President & CEO of a Pots & Pans Production, the parent management company for Scotty’s Brewhouse, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company, Scotty’s Brew Club and Scotty’s Dawghouse. With 15 restaurants in Indiana, 4 more being built in Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Plainfield, Indiana, the Brewhouse team has been busy. Scotty is well known as a community philanthropist, consistently committing his time and effort along with monetary and food donations to causes in every city in which his restaurants reside.

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NYU graduate and former venture capitalist, Ron Shah is the founder and CEO of Bizly. Bizly is an on-demand, web and APP based platform for booking meeting rooms in luxury hotels and space in restaurant private dining rooms by the hour. Featuring a curated selection of hotels/restaurants across a variety of styles, Bizly focuses on spaces that boost productivity, connectivity and inspiration for an increasingly mobile workforce. Bizly is the only platform partnering exclusively with hotels to serve seamless and autonomous workspace solutions with all the amenities and technologies for corporate needs.


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In this episode we talk about: Cooking without the ego and giving the guest what they want, the power of goal setting, the importance of consistency, being great instead of big, and taking the time to develop yourself and find the right opportunity. Upon Graduating the University of Virginia Chef Brendan Vesey found himself serving as an officer in the US Navy. Since finishing service in 2005, his nose has been to the grindstone growing and developing as a professional Chef. In 2014, he opened his second restaurant, The Joinery, located in Newmarket NH. When he's not leading his team at the Joinery he serves as an adjunct hospitality professor at Great Bay Community College and serves as a local leader for chefs collaborative. 

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In this episode, we're providing an overview of Nick Fosberg's newly published book, Bar and Restaurant Success. This book will show you the RIGHT way to market and promote your restaurant by using new age technology, techniques, and insight. Nick has become a leading authority on restaurant and bar marketing and promotions. He has helped hundreds of bar owners all over the US and Canada take their business to the next level by applying his Loyal Regular Value Optimize (LRVO) Marketing & Promotional Formula into their business. 

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