Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

Ken is a specialist in management systems and profit strategies for hotels, clubs and restaurants. For over thirty years Ken has been involved in the hospitality industry. He has been a restaurant owner and operator, Restaurant Consultant, tutor and hospitality entrepreneur. Today, his main focus is on profitable hospitality, which can be described as a resource website for restaurants, cafes, hotels, club owners Managers and chefs.

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For 10 years Jennifer was the general manager, wine director at the very successful Annisa Restaurant in West Village, New York. It has been said that she was a fixture of the restaurants dining room with her designer dresses and Towering heels. After hanging up her high heels at Annisa she started Cape House Catering where she catered to off premise events for 3 years. Today the entrepreneurial spirit still seems to be burning bright with her latest venture “Good To-Go”. Good To-Go is the first all natural “dehydrated gourment” line of package meals.

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