Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode, we discuss the Canlis family history, what mark has learned from his family history, highering people who inspire, the difference between being a "what" and a "who", The biggest lessons Mark learned working under Danny Meyer, how Mark almost got fired from Union Square Hospitality Group, how being honest and earnest saved his job,  the role humility plays, the importance of having a company mission, why it's worth putting other people first, a lesson on humility, giving others the benefit of the doubt, being empathetic, the true meaning of hospitality

hailing from Seattle, WA Mark Canlis is a graduate of Cornell University and served as a Captain in Air Force Special Operations. After his service, Marked helped open famed restaurateur Danny Meyer’s fifth restaurant, Blue Smoke, in Manhattan.He returned back to Seattle in 2003, as a 4th generation co-owner of the family restaurant, Canlis. Canlis is nationally acclaim as one of the finest restaurants in America.

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