Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode with Troy Allen, we discuss: 

  • Putting yourself in uncomfortable positions. 
  • How marketing and branding starts with your audience.
  • How to deliver your personal brand to an audience. 
  • Getting clear about what your brand attributes are. 
  • Why Troy Allen developed the 16 Bit brand.
  • Finding concepts that exist in the world and doing them better. 
  • What makes for a successful bar-cade.
  • How Educating your employees on how the business works has a huge impact on the business. 
  • Building concepts that also do well with corporate events.  
  • The importance of getting your employees to buy into brand culture. 
  • Growing talent from the inside.  
  • Great people helping other great people. 
  • Letting your team members individual brand flourish. 
  • The value of being first to market.
  • The impact connecting influencers can have on your community. 

After leaving Kent State, Troy Allen started his career in marketing, specifically with design and branding. In 2013 Troy decided it was time to apply what he learned with a few of his own assets, and Rise Brands was formed. Today, Rise Brands currently has 3 concept in the market consisting of 6 location.

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