Restaurant Unstoppable with Eric Cacciatore

In this episode with Chef Anne Kearney, we discuss:   

  • How to properly taste food. 
  • Never walking past a piece of trash. Respecting your space.  
  • Only hiring committed people. 
  • Constantly pushing your people toward perfection. 
  • Excellence as a standard.
  • Making an example of those who are doing it right. 
  • Finding a good boss.
  • Taking care of your people. 
  • Constantly adapting. 

Chef Anne Kearney is a graduate of the Greater Cincinnati Culinary Arts Academy. She would continue on to New Orleans where she grew under the mentorship of the John Neal and the Emeril Lagasse. Eventually, Kearney had the opportunity to purchase Peristyle restaurant 1995. in 2004 Kearney returned back to Ohio and opened Rue Dumaine.

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